2015 Core Committee

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Craig Amasya

Project Manager

Hometown: Cornelius, NC

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Quote: "Our committee this year has worked thousands of hours to recreate Symposium, and our sponsors are offering some fantastic opportunities to students. The event has been around for 31 years, but we're still not afraid to innovate and rebuild from the ground up to significantly improve the experience of everyone involved."

Juan Aguilera

Business Development

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Second Major: Management and Society

Quote: "Symposium is a great opportunity for exposure among some of the top recruiters in the block, and it gave me a great perspective on the different available fields in the business world."

Emma Gentry

Business Development

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Second Major: Hispanic Literature and Culture

Quote: "Symposium is one of the few chances to have intimate conversations with recruiters, whether it be during an industry session, at lunch, or afterwards. Not many other recruiting events on campus provide that."

Keaton Green

Business Development

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Second Major: English

Quote: "I've enjoyed working with a wide range of companies and learning more about their vision and values."

Michaela Rankins

Business Development

Hometown: Waxhaw, NC

Minor: Spanish for the Professions

Quote: "Symposium 2015 will be our best year because we took an active approach in implementing constructive feedback from previous employers and students."

Dylan Rosenberg

Business Development

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Quote: "Symposium gave me the chance to learn about companies and industries I would not normally be exposed to."

Caroline Drysdale


Hometown: Apex, NC

Second Major: Hispanic Literature and Culture

Quote: "Symposium is great because it gives you so many different settings to learn about different industries and interact with company representatives."

Chris Johnson


Hometown: Hatteras, NC

Second Major: Philosophy
Minor: Advertising

Quote: "Symposium is an opportunity for ambitious students to grow their professional network and direct their career paths toward a successful future. Each day spent working as a member of the Symposium Core Committee is increasingly more rewarding as I get to help bring these opportunities to life."

Paige Zartman


Hometown: Huntersville, NC

Minor: Public Relations

Quote: "Symposium has been an experience like none other, our committee has dedicated hard work to drive each and every attendee's career forward through personal branding and extensive networking."

Deena Cronson


Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Minor: Public Policy

Quote: "Symposium made me realize how important networking is and gave me the push I needed to learn how and get started. I made some great connections and it was great practice for the future."

Sarah Kowalski


Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Minor: Spanish

Quote: "The 2015 Undergraduate Business Symposium will be the best yet because not only are we expanding our physical reach from the Ackland Art Museum at the top of campus to the Dean Dome on South Campus, but we are also expanding our programming to have a greater educational and professional impact for students, companies, and the university."

Henrik Lindvall


Hometown: Cary, NC

Minors: Spanish for the Professions & German

Quote: "As a day filled with educational and networking opportunities, Symposium offers a forum for exceptional students to meet and further acquaint themselves with world-class companies. Working behind the scenes to make this experience possible continues to be extremely rewarding, and that is why I love Symposium."

Matt Duma


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Second Major: Economics
Minor: Mathematical Decision Sciences

Quote: "I liked Symposium because you get to interact with reps from companies with whom you might not normally interact, and you learn a lot about different industries."

Charlotte McCauley


Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Minor: English

Quote: "To be able to connect peers with phenomenal companies has been such a rewarding experience thus far. I'm excited to see Symposium's expansion and growth in the coming year."