How many students are going to attend? 

In 2017, 450 students attended and actively participated throughout Friday’s event. Symposium is open to all undergraduate UNC Kenan-Flagler students as well as to related majors, like Economics and Computer Science. Business majors represented 50% of all Symposium 2017 registrants, and the remaining 50% represented 21 other related majors on campus.


How many students per session will I see? Per representative? 

In 2016, morning industry sessions saw between 1.6 – 8.3 students per company representative depending on the relative popularity of the different focus areas. We will always try to provide as intimate an experience as possible. Representatives will also eat lunch with students on the floor of the basketball court and then have the opportunity to meet with hundreds in the style of a traditional career fair with a booth for each company.


When will I get the resume book? 

The resume book will be organized and sent out to the attending companies in the week following Symposium. Further details will be announced as the date draws nearer, but our team is always happy to answer questions.


How much face time are we going to have with students? With Juniors? Seniors? 

There are five main opportunities where company executives can get face time with students:

  • Platinum Sponsor Networking Night: Platinum Sponsors will be able to hand select Juniors and Seniors based on their resumes for a targeted networking event on the Thursday night before the Main Event.
  • Diversity Networking Event: The Diversity Networking Event is a breakfast for students, from historically underrepresented populations, and companies who have chosen to participate. The event will allow companies to interact with students from diverse backgrounds at UNC Kenan-Flagler. Platinum Sponsors will receive one representative for the diversity focused event at no additional cost. All sponsorship levels below Platinum will have the opportunity to participate in the diversity focused event for $500 per Diversity representative.
  • Industry Sessions: All sponsors other than “Concourse Sponsors” will be allowed to have one or more representatives in the industry sessions. These sessions will begin with a UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty member introducing the topic (e.g., Finance, Consulting, or Marketing) followed by sponsor representatives rotating around the session to interact with students. Sophomores and juniors will attend these events, and seniors will have the option of attending these events or going to senior specific sessions.
  • Senior Sessions: All seniors will attend at least one of our preparatory sessions (in 2016 there were five of these senior preparatory sessions). Companies sponsoring at the Gold level or above have access to senior sessions included in their sponsorship package.
  • Main Event: The main event is held at the storied Dean Dome, home of the Tar Heels Men’s Basketball Team. The face time hits a peak in the afternoon, where Sponsors will have tables set-up around the concourse and students will be free to approach any company they choose. The main event on Friday also includes breakfast, lunch, and a keynote speaker.


Where is Symposium going to be? 

Thursday night event (Platinum Sponsors Only): The Platinum Sponsor Networking Event location will be held at the Blue Zone at Kenan Football Stadium. The address for the Blue Zone is:

       78 Stadium Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Friday, all day (All Sponsors): The Industry Sessions will be held at the Kenan-Flagler Business School. The address for Kenan-Flagler is:

300 Kenan Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

The main event, lunch, and keynote speech will be held at the Dean Smith Center (Dean Dome), which is immediately adjacent (walking distance) to Kenan-Flagler Business School. The address for the Dean Dome is:

300 Skipper Bowles Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514


What times does it start/end?

The Platinum Sponsor Networking Night on Thursday is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m.

Friday’s event will begin at 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.


Does the representative need to be there all day?

Representatives of each sponsorship level other than the “Concourse” sponsorship level are encouraged to stay until the end of the main event on Friday. Concourse Sponsors are encouraged to attend from lunch until the end of the concourse event on Friday; however, we understand that some employer representatives might need to step away for a meeting in the middle of the day.


How many representatives can attend?

The number of representatives allowed for each company is determined by the company’s sponsorship package. The sponsorship breakdown sheet, which can be found attached to the Symposium Invitation email or by contacting us, can answer any questions related to sponsorship levels. Please remember that a “representative” means any person in attendance from a company.


What other industry (e.g. Finance) companies are going to be there?

The Symposium tries to include a diverse group of companies to expose students to as many industries as possible. These industries include Finance, Consulting, Accounting, Sales/Marketing, Real Estate, Technology, and others.


What materials do I need to send?

There are no physical materials required for a company to bring for this event; however, if you need to send items ahead that are too large to carry we can accommodate that. Please contact your Symposium Core Committee representative to arrange such a delivery.


Is our company name going to be posted anywhere?

Different sponsorship levels receive different levels of exposure, but all companies will have their logos featured in marketing materials.


I’m only interested in interacting with seniors. Can I sponsor bronze and only talk with them?

Although seniors can choose to attend a general industry session, there are specific senior-only sessions throughout the day. Participation in these senior “preparatory” sessions is included in gold and platinum sponsorship levels and is also available to bronze and silver for an additional fee.