Who can attend Symposium? 

  • Undergraduate business majors & any UNC undergraduate student who is interested in pursuing a career in business
  • Members of the Assured Admission Program (both sophomores and first-years)

How can I register for Symposium?

Registration for the 34th annual Symposium will begin on the first day of classes, August 21, 2018. Students will need to register online. Please note that you will need to have your credit card information and an updated resume ready before you register.

What is the dress code for Symposium?

The dress code for Symposium is business professional: a suit and tie for men and a pant or skirt suit for women.

I thought Symposium was just a day. Is this true? 

The climax of Symposium is a large, real-world networking event held on a Friday in September 7, 2018, but Symposium is best described as a community. Leading up to Symposium, helpful information and skill-building tips are provided at various events where you can gain knowledge, practice skills, and prepare to engage with companies later in the week.

If you are an individual who cares greatly about Symposium’s vision and impact, you can further your involvement by applying for the 2019 Symposium Core Committee in the fall.