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Symposium Success Stories

The opportunity Symposium offers students to explore their career interests and practice networking professionally is one of the best at Kenan-Flagler and UNC, but don’t just take our word for it.  Read what Katherine wrote about how Symposium allowed her to land an internship with Bank of America or how  Gina began her path from interning at PNC to ultimately accepting a full time position as a result of her Symposium experience. Eric established relationships with GE execs and secured a full time position, while Michael discovered a passion for Operations (and paid internships) landing an internship with Target. Will you dare to discover where Symposium could take you this September?

Katherine Peters

image Bank of America Finance Management Associate Intern Program
I attended the 2013 Undergraduate Business Symposium as a junior and had no idea what to expect. The variety of personalized networking and breakout sessions gave me the opportunity to speak individually with company representatives.  During the finance industry session, I spoke with a representative from Bank of America’s recruiting team about the company’s summer internship opportunities. We were able to continue our conversation on a more personal level during lunch, and I gave her my resume and contact information during the concourse networking at the end of the day.

In the next month, I discovered that she referred me for the Bank of America’s Finance Management Associate Intern Program and I later interviewed for the program. I was offered the internship for the summer of 2014 and attribute this opportunity to my Symposium experience.

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Eric Kline


Full Time Position With General Electric
“As a Symposium Core Committee member on the Business Development subcommittee, I developed relationships with business executives and secured their participation in the event.  Symposium is extremely beneficial to all student attendees, and I was also able to take advantage of networking opportunities while completing my duties as a Core Committee member.

I established a relationship with a GE executive at the Blue Zone Networking Event on Thursday evening, and continued to speak with him throughout the Main Event on Friday. After submitting an application for a full-time position at GE, I was granted an interview with him, which then lead to a final round interview with the company.  While preparing for my final interview, I reached out to additional UNC alumni who worked for GE. Simply knowing a few other people who worked for GE was a great way to build more connections within the company.

All of this culminated with a job offer, which I eventually accepted.  I strongly believe that much of my success stemmed from putting in face time and making connections with GE executives prior to my interview.  This extra effort shows you are genuinely interested and care about interpersonal contact, which goes against the stereotype of our generation.  Symposium is so beneficial for students because it provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with executives from target companies in a variety of situations, which leads to true relationship development. Simply put, Symposium makes all the difference.

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Gina Barbato

Gina Barbato 1

PNC Corporate & Institutional Banking Program
As a senior, I had attended several Symposiums throughout my time at UNC Kenan-Flagler. However, I had an especially successful experience at last fall’s event. I was invited to Thursday evening’s Pre-Symposium networking event at the Blue Zone, at which I spoke with several company representatives in an intimate, small group setting. I was fortunate enough to attend a breakout session with PNC and meet not only the keynote speaker for the following day, Reggie Imamura (Executive Vice President at PNC and UNC Kenan-Flagler alumnus), but also a recent graduate from UNC Kenan-Flagler on his team. I also met several other PNC employees and asked them about their line of work and why they enjoyed their positions within the bank.

At the Symposium Main Event, I was able to interact with numerous employers, including companies that I had previously interned with, such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo. I also continued my conversations with the PNC representatives I had met the night before. I was able to get to know them on a more personal level and ask them specific questions about their programs within the bank. To top the day off, I got to enjoy Mr. Imamura’s incredible keynote presentation delivered to all the students and employers during lunch.

Fast forward a few months later, and I was interviewing with Mr. Imamura and his colleagues in Chapel Hill for PNC’s Corporate & Institutional Banking Program. Having made my connections with PNC from Symposium, I had an especially enjoyable and productive recruitment experience with the company. In fact, I have accepted a full-time position with Mr. Imamura’s Asset-Back Finance team in New York City. I am thrilled! In addition to events like Symposium, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that UNC Kenan-Flagler has given me to pursue my career dreams by making lasting connections with students and employers.”

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Michael Bojanski


SuperTarget Executive Management Intern Program
When sophomore Michael Bojanski registered for Symposium 2012, he thought that attending Symposium couldn’t hurt because it was a chance to practice networking and learn a thing or two.  Yes, it was Friday and yes he could have played Ultimate on Hooker Fields instead, but he knew one day wouldn’t kill him so he registered at the 11th hour (you be sure to early-bird register for a discount, however).

At Symposium, Michael met several representatives from Target with whom he hit it off with. Like most people, the executives took an interest in someone who took an interest in them (it was their Friday, too after all).  A week later Michael  followed up, three weeks later he met with a store manager  for an informational interview about Target, and just a month and a half after Symposium, the manager asked Michael to apply for an internship.

This summer, Michael will work as a full-time paid intern in the Southpoint SuperTarget’s Executive Management program. While Michael did the work, he believes the casual atmosphere and abundance of potential professional connections at Symposium played a big part in his ultimate success.

Michael’s interest in Operations also stems from his Symposium experience: “it blew me away how much it (Operations)  fit with me. I hadn’t heard about Ops before and it was very helpful to learn the basic details.” The industry-specific sessions directed him away from Consulting and Michael’s passion for Operations only grows as he now seeks to found an Operations Club at Kenan-Flagler (for those interested:

We applaud Michael for making the most out of Symposium, but if there’s one thing students should learn from his story it’s this: expect the unexpected. Your future could be waiting just around the corner….

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