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Symposium Success Stories

The opportunity Symposium offers students to explore their career interests and practice networking professionally is one of the best at Kenan-Flagler and UNC, but don’t just take our word for it.  Read what Lindsay wrote about how Symposium exceeded her expectations or how Brandon went from just being interested in Capital One to deciding he would intern there because of a relationship he gained from his Symposium experience. Michael discovered a passion for Operations (and paid internships), while Nitin built his network.   Will you dare to discover where Symposium could take you this September?

Lindsay Peele

I didn’t know what to expect when I attended Symposium for the first time.  I was pleasantly surprised–it far exceeded my expectations and provided me with great insight and answered questions I didn’t even know I had!  My first year at symposium I attended a “breakout session” with a representative from P&G and ended up applying for an internship with the company.  When I interviewed, it was great knowing someone who are already worked for the company that could give me some valuable insight.

I ended up interning with P&G in Pittsburgh, PA and spend time traveling to the headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, Los Angeles, CA, and Boston, MA.  I met so many people (even the CEO of several divisions) and learned more than I imagined.  P&G spends a lot of time training its employees and making sure they have the tools to succeed.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

I had such a great experience with P&G that I accepted a full-time offer after graduation.  I am looking forward to beginning my career with the company and could not be more excited to see what opportunities lie ahead of me with the company!

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Brandon Foster

During the 2011 Business Symposium I attended the consulting workshop as a Junior.  One of the executives was a Vice President at Capital One and used to work at McKinsey.  I was interested in Big 3 consulting at the time, but also liked what I heard during the session about his switch to Capital One.  After the session I went up and talked to him and ended up eating at his table during the keynote speaker.  We talked about the Capital One internship, the culture, the location (Richmond), and also non-business topics such as sports. I learned a lot about Capital One and it became my top choice for an internship.  I stayed in touch with the executive over the next couple of months and he wound up getting me an early interview, and was also my final interviewer.  I received the internship and will be returning to Capital One full time, and I owe this success to the Kenan-Flagler Business Symposium.

Brandon Foster
B.S. Business Administration, May 2013
Kenan-Flagler Business School; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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In His Own Words: Nitin’s Success Story

“At the Undergraduate Business Symposium, I was able to leverage my potential by sharing and hearing opinions on real-world business issues with upper-level executives; the pre-symposium dinner, consulting session, accounting session, panel discussions, and networking events inspired me to customize my success and use this early-start to explore careers. Communicating with executives and following-up with companies, such as Wells Fargo Securities, P&G, DHG, Bain, and Huron, have given me hope to receive respected summer internships in the future.

Nitin Goel

Apart from that, I have built many networks with students at the Symposium that have provided me with valuable advice to take full advantage of this beneficial experience. To top off the incredible networking opportunities at this event, eating gourmet dinner with top management on the Dean Dome basketball ball court was an unforgettable experience.

All in all, none of these opportunities would have arisen without the hard-work of the Symposium Core Committee. Thank you so much for easing the transition for us, students, as we enter the professional world.”

Nitin Goel
Kenan-Flagler Business School

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Michael’s Story

When sophomore Michael Bojanski registered for Symposium 2012, he thought that attending Symposium couldn’t hurt because it was a chance to practice networking and learn a thing or two.  Yes, it was Friday and yes he could have played Ultimate on Hooker Fields instead, but he knew one day wouldn’t kill him so he registered at the 11th hour (you be sure to early-bird register for a discount, however).

Success Story-Bojanski Photo

At Symposium, Michael met several representatives from Target with whom he hit it off with. Like most people, the executives took an interest in someone who took an interest in them (it was their Friday, too after all).  A week later Michael  followed up, three weeks later he met with a store manager  for an informational interview about Target, and just a month and a half after Symposium, the manager asked Michael to apply for an internship.

This summer, Michael will work as a full-time paid intern in the Southpoint SuperTarget’s Executive Management program. While Michael did the work, he believes the casual atmosphere and abundance of potential professional connections at Symposium played a big part in his ultimate success.

Michael’s interest in Operations also stems from his Symposium experience: “it blew me away how much it (Operations)  fit with me. I hadn’t heard about Ops before and it was very helpful to learn the basic details.” The industry-specific sessions directed him away from Consulting and Michael’s passion for Operations only grows as he now seeks to found an Operations Club at Kenan-Flagler (for those interested:

We applaud Michael for making the most out of Symposium, but if there’s one thing students should learn from his story it’s this: expect the unexpected. Your future could be waiting just around the corner….

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